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Choosing the right sandpaper


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sand paper Choosing the right sandpaperThis craftsmanship is almost an art form and needs much care and skill to produce woodwork that is eye catchy yet functional. So can it be a career option? Why not…if your passion is this skill make it your professional there is a growing need for modern carpenters updated with new technology in the market. But before you do that you must study completely about the present fays expectations of the profile and understand whether you have the passion in you to cater to such an industry.

Every carpenter has his choice of tools and no two lists may match actually but still to give a basic idea about what are the essentials of the work we have listed common ones here. For any woodwork to be done you need good sanding to be done. Whether you prefer to do it by hand sandpaper or by power sander it should be of good quality else there may be irreparable damage to your wood piece. The quality is based on the number of abrasive particles in every square inch. Lower the number courser the grit, which will enable your work to be done faster and better. And with experts advise that the faster you do away with this the better for your job.

There are two primary grades of sandpaper- namely commercial and industrial grade. There are few components like the backing paper holding the grit, the glue holding them together and the quality of the grit itself. In the industrial variant quality of all these three seems to be better than the commercial one. Also they are divided as “open coats” or “closed coats”, classified on the basis of closeness of these particles. Closed coats have close grouping while the open coats have larger gaps. Obviously the closed coats will do the job faster.

There are five main types of sandpaper available for working – the Glasspaper or flintpaper, Garnet paper, Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide paper and Ceramic sandpaper. Let’s look at their utilities. Glasspaper or flintpaper  is pale yellow light weight paper which disintegrates easily and is rarely used thus. Garnet paper is of brownish red color is well known for its finish even if it takes a little more time and is preferred over others in the market. Aluminum Oxide is used more often with power sanders but does not leave a smooth finish. Silicon Carbide paper is dark gray or even black in color and is used for wet-sanding. Ceramic sandpaper is good for removing considerable materials when in a hurry.

A mix of these can bring best results for sanding a surface which is usually the basic function before you start the paint on it.



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carpentry 300x200 CarpentryHave you ever been amazed with the masterpieces that have been created using a simple piece of wood and minimum equipment? How well a since the very ancient times a single person has been able to indulge emotions, artistry and master skills all in to one simple piece of wood and still has managed to steal everybody’s hearts with its rare beauty and uncommon smooth details? Well the entire credit goes to all those who master carpentry. It’s the common belief that carpentry, unlike all the other professions in the world cannot be done by just anybody who has the knowledge. It’s an art and it requires talent. What draws the attention and gets well praised is not just any piece of furniture done but the furniture or whatever the final product with many details and descriptive features. Therefore becoming a carpenter; a good one, needs passion, interest and talent.

There are three important features which can be observed in many of the well-known professionals in the carpentry industry. They are namely,

-  Artistry – you’ve got to be an artist to be a carpenter. You’ve got to know the basics of lines, curves, shapes and then the deeper part of styling and design.

-  Patience – of course even an experienced carpenter may not get the right design or measurement at once. If things like that happen, he must need to repeat it all over again.

-  Passion – these are the very core of everything we do.  A carpenter must have the passion and love of art to be an effective one. He must have the love on the things that he do, so that the creative genius will come out of him.

Carpentry, most of the times, is considered as different from the other professions. And anyone can see how different it is from a normal day job where you report to work in the morning, sit at a desk and do paper work and leave in the evening. Carpentry requires a lot of talent and creativity. The ones who can think different and be imaginative in their own free minds can surely excel in being a carpenter rather than the ones who only have the theoretical knowledge. Carpentry is all about the knowledge and skill plus how you manipulate it to create something beautiful and elegant at the end of the project. And also it requires a lot of physical effort and interaction to do the job. So as we can see, carpentry is the full involvement of the body heart and mind.

Preparation as a carpenter begins as early as preschool. There are seminars, on the job trainings, apprenticeships that made a carpenter skilled in his field. There are also universities that offer carpentry courses. There are construction firms which offer special programs for their carpenters and those who want to become one. An examination was given as a screening process. When passed that’s the time they will be allowed to join the program. The duration may take from 1 to 4 years depending on the student’s skills and ability to learn. Carpenter varies on skills, talents and experiences. Companies sometimes use them to gauge a particular carpenter unto what assignment should be given to them, the amount of salary and the range of responsibility. The more complex the jobs, the higher level of skill are required.

Schooling for Carpenters


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123 300x225 Schooling for CarpentersBeing a carpenter is not an easy job. It is a difficult and yet a rewarding career. But how do you learn to be a carpenter? There are several ways that you can pursue a career as a carpenter such as getting a certificate in carpentry.

Now there are trade schools, vocational and technical schools which offer training for wannabe carpenters. Those seeking to become carpenters can collect knowledge and skills while in high school. Beneficial classes include mechanical drawing, general shop, blueprint reading, English, geometry, algebra and physics.

Carpentry is one of the largest of the trade professions in the construction and remodeling industries. Thus, there is a constant demand for carpenters which seems certain to continue for the foreseeable future. After completing high school, some workers become carpenter’s helpers and assist experience workers. While working as carpenter’s helpers they may receive additional training at a community college or a vocational school.

Some carpenters work as independent contractors for clients on specific projects, while others are hired by firms as a statutory employee. Some employers also provide formal apprenticeships which blend classroom learning with on-the-job training.

Apprenticeship programs usually take three to four years to complete, however new rules may let apprentices finish the programs earlier as competencies are demonstrated. Carpenters that complete formal apprenticeship programs are given certification as journeymen. They can achieve other certifications such as in high torque bolting and scaffold building.

There are a limited number of apprenticeship programs, thus only a small portion of carpenters are able to learn their trade from these programs. Most apprenticeship programs are provided by industrial and commercial building contractors and construction unions..

There are numerous private and public vocational schools and training academies that are affiliated with contractors and unions that provide training for carpenters. Employers often view these training programs as beneficial and typically start these students at a higher level than workers without this training.

It is encouraging that there are carpenter schools for students who are interested in learning carpentry and taking up the trade as a career. Carpenters are generally paid quite well and, of course, the more you learn, the easier it will be to get a good job with good pay.

What it takes to be a professional Carpenter?


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284772 marceneiro 3 What it takes to be a professional Carpenter?Carpenters are vital to almost every facet of the construction industry. They must have expertise in a wide variety of skills that are needed in commercial construction as well as in residential building and structural maintenance.

The workplace can be a tumultuous place, but it is always possible to stay professional. Things might turn you upside-down, but it is imperative that you maintain your composure. Being professional is the best way to establish a concrete reputation, especially in the field of Carpentry. Here’s how to behave in a professional way as a carpenter.

The Dress code. They say you have to dress like a professional to look like a professional. No one has ever advanced at work or preserved their job by dressing like a slob. However being a carpenter there is no advantage to dressing in an unflattering way. Wearing decent clothes will do no professional accessory needed.

Time is Important. This encompasses your punctuality and how you respect other’s time as well. In any kind of profession nothing is more unprofessional than when someone is always late or absent.

Organize your stuff. It is given that you have so many tools as a carpenter; however you should minimize the clutter. Your workspace must be free form muddle which connotes neatness.

Be an innovator. It’s hard to be professional if you’re complaining about things all the time. People you work with don’t want to deal with that. Instead, be an innovator. When you see something you don’t like come up with ideas on how to change it. Even if you encounter resistance, it’s always better to be seen as someone who has the mindset to fix things rather than someone who complains all the time and suggests nothing.

Relationships matters. Even if you work on your own or in a company relationship does matter. Professionals associate themselves with the top performers at the company. The people you surround yourself with reflect that type of person you are. It also, forges a bond with your employer or client. They are your best ally, so make sure to develop these relationships

Above all reputation is everything. Never speak badly about a client, co-worker or your boss. In a matter of time your comment will reach the person you spoke about the issue.

There are times when doing the right thing even if that means hurting yourself in the short term may help you build a good reputation. In this way you are establishing an honest, hard-working, rock-solid reputation.

Carpenter for Long?


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470482 craftsmen1 Carpenter for Long?Nothing is permanent in this world especially when it terms to career.  You can be very famous and successful today but futile tomorrow. But as an innovative individual you can do something to go along the changes.

As they say; the only permanent in this world is change. That applies in every aspect of life, whether it be relationship, health, career or status.  As the fast paced technology that we have, everyone must go along the escalator –like growth of progress.

Being a carpenter is as noble profession as an engineer, architect among others. It all just depends on the outlook of the person. Being left out and unpopular to the clients can happen to any carpenter. So precautionary measurement should be done.

1.Treat your clients as if this is their last – If you know that this is your moment with a friend, a relative or a client, you will give him the best treatment possible. Sometimes even the impossible will be served as a good remembrance.

Treat your customer as if this is your last service for them, that way, you will give the best service to them. The satisfaction they will experience with you will be the catalyst to get their loyalty.  By doing this, you are ensuring of future clients.

2. Let the word of mouth be your free promotion. Gone are the days where people rely on endorsers and advertisements, even big companies accept the fact that the word of mouth is the best advertisement in this world. Satisfied customers usually share their stories to their friends and acquaintances. These people who heard your exceptional service will be your clients tomorrow.

3. Put your passion to what you do. Even the slightest task can be boring and tiring if you don’t enjoy with what you do, but hardest thing can be easy if you love what you’re doing.  Giving your passion with your works will result to quality performance. If you are planning to be a carpenter for long, better to do your best, but if you are just doing this for monetary purpose, it would be best to stop, while there are still people trusting you.

Respect cannot be asked or forced; it is given to those who deserve. Anyone who does their best on their craft is being rewarded. A passionate carpenter will never run out of customers. Instead, people will run after your service.

Green Carpentry


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green carpentry. 300x225 Green CarpentryThe campaign to save Mother Earth is everywhere. Even in the way of building homes carpenters are switching into a different mode of constructing.  Today, almost any household product has modified into using non-toxic and ozone-friendly components.

Traditionally, carpenters use wood and have done so for thousands of years, however the high demand for timber has had a major impact on our environment. That is why the new trend nowadays is by being eco- friendly and there are various ways of implementing environmental consciousness.

Green carpentry has appeared in the picture of reinventing modes of building homes. It is the specialization in the use of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable sources of building materials to use in construction projects. It has been widely use these days.

Carpenters practice building methods that require less material to be used yet the same structural soundness is present. Ideals like durability, reusing salvaged woods and selecting locally available materials have always made sense to craftspeople.

That said, with the green movement building steam there’s a glut of green materials on the market these days and an increasing demand from home owners for green building practices.

Green materials are finishes, wood or wood alternatives, veneers, adhesives that have recycled content and renewable from sources managed with sustainability in mind.  The working definition of green is building practices that emphasize the use of sustainable, environmentally and personally healthy materials.

Ecological imbalance affects economies, as every job in the world involves usage of natural resources. Thus, amidst this issue, being green is preferable. Almost any career could shift gears from traditional jobs to incorporating environmental consciousness and protection. And carpenters are most likely to becoming green.

Committing into lessening environmental degradation is the first step to becoming a green carpenter. Focusing on the implementation of job practices that involve usage of abovementioned green materials and clean technology should be next.

The main objective of being a green carpenter is that every piece of furniture or floor laid represents a tree in the rainforest not been cut down. Being involve is important not only because you are a carpenter but rather you want to help and save our planet.

The craft of a Carpenter


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A craft is a branch of a profession that requires some particular kind of skilled work. The Carpentry skill allows a character to craft. A carpenter is a skilled craftsperson who works with timber to construct, install and maintain buildings, furniture, and other objects. The craft of carpentry is varied and wide. Carpenters use their skills to make structures and fittings

A carpenter cuts, shapes and joins wood, using a wide range of tools including hammers, planes, chisels, screwdrivers and measuring tapes. Also, they often use power tools and cutting machines. A carpenter has to study drawings, make calculations and select suitable materials to meet design requirements.

1331313 lathe The craft of a CarpenterThe occupation includes the setting out, production and assembly of joinery, which includes stairs, doors, windows, floors and built-in furniture. Site work includes the construction of buildings and houses which require first and second fixing, including roofing. The place of work may vary, depending on the type of work done. It could be on site, in a workshop or in a private dwelling.

As a carpenter you will need to be physically fit and able to work well with your hands.

Attention to detail and an eye for shape and color are also important. You will also need a head for heights because you may need to climb ladders and work on scaffolding.

Carpentry as a craft takes years to master. No job is too difficult; no job is too small or insignificant. Whether it’s a case of your doors scraping on the floor or you fancy having a new house full of new woodwork, every detail is significant for a skilled carpenter who knows his craft.

Carpentry is a wonderful trade because of the versatility that it has to offer there is a wealth of carpentry that exists for young and adults. From airplanes to small-scale houses it exists. It is hard for other trades to offer their services to children or a average adult because of danger or less creativity in the trades but the carpentry trade is for everyone young and old I guess that is why Jesus was a carpenter.

Carpentry for women?


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wist12 297x300 Carpentry for women?We all know that there are a lot of women nowadays that are engaged in a man’s job. In some countries, you would see lady taxi drivers careening off the streets, or lady mechanics troubleshooting automotive and engines, or female welders on top of a high-rise building or lady plumbers fixing pipes under the sinks. These just prove that careers for women are now unlimited; boundless, and that women are able to perform beyond anyone’s imagination. Thanks to women empowerment, there are now equal opportunities to different areas in the world. So, is it also possible for women to engage and be a professional in this so-called rough carpentry business? The answer is Yes! Women can execute few minor home repairs, replacements, or covering of holes- or even be a master carpenter!  All it takes are few basic carpentry skills that can be learned easily and most especially, proper tools that would make job easier and quicker.

What are the basic skills for minor repairs and replacements?

  • Drilling -Literally means creating holes in solid materials such as wood.

TIP: Be sure you hold the drill upright, hands should not be shaky. Keep your drills lubricated as this may affect the quality of boring holes. Tool needed: Power drill machine.

  • Nailing- Fastening, joining, or attaching materials with nails.

TIP: Appropriate nail size should be used. There are a number of nail sizes depending on what you need. The key to hold a nail better is that it should be driven across the grain of a wood rather than parallel with it.  Tool needed: hammer, nails and marking tools- to make sure you nail on accurate points.

  • Sawing- To cut, divide materials, usually wood; to produce a desired shape.

TIP: Correct, sharp saws will save you an awful lot of time and effort. Tool needed: handsaw.

  • Planing – To smooth out wood, removing of excess or unwanted shave of wood.

TIP: In planing you must remember to smoothen out very thinly, until you reach the desired smoothness. Tools Needed: Plane (jack plane is one of the most common), sandpaper (for finishing touches).

Other Basic Tools needed:

  1. Chisels- A metal tool with a sharp beveled edge, used to cut and shape stone, wood, or metal.
  2. Mallets- Often associated with hammers; has a large head to strike objects.
  3. Tape measure/ Retractable tape/ Steel Rule- used to ge accurate measurements.
  4. Screwdrivers- Basically used to turn screws.

There are numerous skills that one must master to be an expert for this field.  However, you may try these basic carpentry skills to unleash that “craftsy ideas” of yours, and begin a project. If you are thinking of a house project, repair or minor addition that you can call your own, then consider practicing these skills. You might also want to try to enroll in a basic carpentry course, buy a Do-It-Yourself guide or books, or check online articles that includes step-by-step guide. If you are ready and you believe you have the appropriate skills to perform carpentry tasks by yourself, then you may not hire a professional carpenter and you would save an awful amount of money and probably use to splurge on shopping, right?

Opportunities in the carpentry industry


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284769 marceneiro 1 Opportunities in the carpentry industryCarpenters work in many areas within the construction industry. Their daily work varies based on where they work. A growing number of building managers are hiring sub-contractors who specialize in things like building scaffolds, building with concrete and installing trim. Carpenters have to be conversant with building regulations because they often specify the materials that can be used in construction.

However, carpenters who are employed by the main contractor in a project, not a specialized sub-contractor, may be called upon to perform a number of different jobs like wall-framing, installing windows, constructing stairs, laying floors, making cabinets, or ensuring proper ventilation by making brattices.

Within the construction industry, carpenters have the highest number almost one third of self-employed people. There is a high demand for carpenters, and so there are excellent opportunities for those entering the field. Well-rounded carpenters with diverse skills will be in highest demand.

You may remember that Jesus himself was a carpenter, so you can’t do too badly by going into the same line of business. There are very many opportunities for you once you are working as a carpenter and your skills can be used in many different ways.

You could start your own business or work for a construction company. You could become a fine cabinet maker or even go into furniture design – you could even work as a shop-fitter; building all the fittings that go into retail stores.

As is true of other building trades, carpentry work is sometimes strenuous. Prolonged standing, climbing, bending, and kneeling often are necessary. Carpenters risk injury working with sharp or rough materials, using sharp tools and power equipment, and working in situations where they might slip or fall. Although many carpenters work indoors, those that work outdoors are subject to variable weather conditions.

Some carpenters change employers each time they finish a construction job. Others alternate between working for a contractor and working as contractors themselves on small jobs, depending on where the work is available.

However, despite strenuous job the average salary for a carpenter who works for a company is just under $35 000 a year, but this can be as high as $57 000 a year. Just remember that there are an incredible amount of opportunities within carpentry to expand and you’ll never get wrong if you choose this kind of career. The need for carpenters is expected to grow as construction activity increases in response to demand for new housing, office and retail space. A strong home remodeling market also will create a large demand for carpenters.

Saving your house thru a guru


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394034 joinery Saving your house thru a guruThinking of ways to remodel your home can be difficult. Don’t have any ideas how to start? A skilled carpenter can help you with the problem. A carpenter is an important part of any construction team. Whether building or remodeling a house you will need a carpenter for this job.

They have the skills and knowledge to cut, fasten, carve, and design objects made of wood or other materials. They’re gifted in measuring precisely, sometimes called carpentry math, and know how to use different construction tools like saws, drills, small hand tools, and a variety of mechanized tools.

Their priority is customer satisfaction. For most people their home is their most valuable asset. So they understand that home owners want to work with professionals that will work on their home with the same care and detail as they would on their own house.

Back in the old days a carpenter was a person who built wooden items ranging from homes to ships. Nowadays, they do every aspect of the construction team.

There are three main approaches to managing a home improvement project: hiring a general construction team, directly hiring specialized people for every aspect of the improvement, or doing the work oneself.

A guru oversees a home improvement project that involves multiple trades. He acts as project manager, providing access to the site, removing debris, coordinating work schedules, and performing some aspects of the work.

The most important or visible professionals in the renovation industry are renovation contractors which includes carpentry guru’s, builders and skilled trades. These builders have specialized credentials, licensing and experience to perform renovation services in specific municipalities. While there is a fairly large ‘grey market’ of unlicensed companies, there are those that have membership in a reputable association and/or are accredited by a professional organization.

Unless you plan to take on the entire remodeling project by yourself, you’ll need to hire experts. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure that the folks who work for you are qualified, licensed, and properly insured.

But, finding the best team for your remodeling project goes beyond a simple reference check. The best carpenter who has won top awards may have a design vision very different from your own. Use these resources to find the professionals you feel comfortable with.