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Taking care of your Air Tools


Posted by Vik | Posted in Carpenters Job | Posted on 10-01-2010

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1131748 workman Taking care of your Air ToolsPneumatic tools or air tools as they are often called are actually powered by compressed air making these low weight tools very easy to use as well. Besides having a high efficiency, these tools are comparatively safer to use than traditional power tools. It’s not unusual to find air tools being used at construction sites, in carpentry workshops and even in many homes. With the right care and maintenance, air tools can last you for years. Here are a few tips on maintaining them the proper way-

-       Before using an air tool, make sure it’s right for the job first. Working with the wrong tool can damage the tool itself and may even cause body injuries. Use a needle air gauge to regulate the air when working with an air tool.

-       Power tools should be thoroughly cleaned after a job and the same goes for air tools as well. Lubricating your air tools properly ensures that the tool works at its optimum when in use. However, take care not to allow any oil to drip into the air line or on to any rubber parts as this could damage the tool. Spend some time oiling your air tools after they have cooled down and they will last you for years.

-       Ensure that your air tools are always unplugged when not in use and check for any loose nuts, bolts and screws before using or cleaning them. If there are any signs of wear and tear such as a damaged cylinder, piston or ring make sure that the parts are immediately changed.

-       It’s important to change the oil in the air compressor regularly because it helps prevent overheating.  Besides changing the air filter regularly, watch out for small cracks or leaks in the air compressor hose.

-       Choose a good location to store your air tools as well. Some carpenters may prefer to arrange their tools on high shelves, in glass cases or store them in a tool box.  The main point to keep in mind when deciding where to store your air tools is to give them maximum protection from moisture, dust and dirt- 3 factors which could otherwise affect the efficiency of your tools. Some air tools may require a stringent cleaning process after use and when in doubt, always read the relevant instruction manual.

-       Make sure that air tools are always kept safely out of reach especially if you have children in the house. A good tactic to ensure that any accidental slips are minimised is by either placing rubber boots on the tools or by placing shock absorbing material around the place where they are stored. This also helps to ensure that the damage caused is minimal if a tool does slip from its storage place.

Role of a cabinet maker


Posted by Vik | Posted in Carpenters Job | Posted on 03-01-2010

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753609 vitrine Role of a cabinet makerA house is no longer just about being a place of security – today’s homeowners do not hesitate to spend money in sprucing up the place in order to make it even more attractive. Cabinets are an important part of almost every room in a home and although it is convenient to purchase ready to fit cabinets from home furnishing stores; if you truly want exquisite cabinets then a cabinet maker is just the person to call.

A cabinet maker designs and creates fine furniture keeping in mind the client’s specifications and requirements. Cabinet makers specialise in creating customised cabinets for any room and work with a wide range of materials. Cabinets which have a glass case, multi-storage pantries, spice racks, wine glass holders and even wine racks are just a few examples of the customised carpentry work that a cabinet maker creates for a client. In fact, it is not uncommon for retail stores and restaurants to employ the services of a cabinet maker to enhance the interiors for a unique look.

The best way to get a sound introduction to carpentry itself is by becoming an apprentice or working along with another established carpenter. This not only gives a novice a good opportunity to learn from a master but also teaches one the other fine nuances of carpentry. Most cabinet makers also work on other projects where other carpentry skills are required and build customised heavy furniture as well. Possessing good communication skills is a must because most clients rely on the expertise and experience of a cabinet maker especially while making final decisions. It goes without saying that one must also have a genuine flair and creativity for designing and building unique furniture pieces. Besides the artistic element, cabinet makers should also have a good idea of what kind of look would best suit the room and should also know how to make the best use of the available space.

Cabinet makers are always in demand and once they establish a network of clients, bigger opportunities and better paying projects are quick to follow.