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The Best Tools a Carpenter Must Have


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1267108 468953561 The Best Tools a Carpenter Must HaveAnyone planning of fixing up their kitchen, bathroom or any part of the house with fine-looking cupboard, dresser, filing cabinets or any type of cabinet or really refurbish anything in your home that involves wood should be thinking about a carpenter.

A carpenter wouldn’t and couldn’t accomplish his craft using only his bare hands. He should have tools or paraphernalia to be able to produce quality products. Just like any other professional or worker; carpenters have two kinds of tools with them whenever they go out for work.

First are the material things that we see; hammer, nails, measuring tools, saw among others. Without these and other tools, it would be impossible for them to come up to a product out of wood that would be pleasing. Carpenters make sure that they have these tools whenever they are called for a job. For without the above mentioned, they couldn’t be considered a good carpenter. These are their best friends, always with them and working with them. That is the reason why all carpenters spend much acquiring the said tools, some even pay out a large amount to have a better brand. There are clients who are also looking at the tools and machines a carpenter have before entrusting their houses to them.

Second types of tools a carpenter must have are those unseen components. For many carpenters; making houses and cabinets is more than just something to redo a thing in replacement of old furniture. A good carpenter is the one working with his touch, now, the basic carpentry thus elevated to an art. Not only good furniture is being made, it must be designed with caution and crafted adoringly to add beauty to the room, for a certain purpose.

Since this is their bread and butter, a carpenter must put passion in this profession. Furniture or any wood craft should not just be made simply then placed in one corner when finished. A carpenter must enjoy while doing it, embellishing with designs that would be appropriate to the room or house. It must be considered as something that’s fine-looking and should bring pleasure to everyone who sees every piece that is inside the room.

When in need of a carpenter, identify those with passion in their work. Though there are carpenters who accept a project for the sake of getting the money from the owner, without really putting their heart into their craft, there are still some who do their craft with fervor.  Make sure you don’t entrust your property to a worker blunder without the proper tools to use.

Becoming of a Carpenter


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368560 89681 300x225 Becoming of a CarpenterMany people believe that being a carpenter is a noble profession; they invest time, effort and money just to become ready and equipped to do the job. Anyone who does something and put forth on it expects something great in return. These people have to see where they should go. How they should profit from what they have labored on.

On the other hand, carpentry as a job can be very tiring. It is a kind of job that needs a lot of physical activity. It can also be very dangerous. One may fall from a high position, can be hit by a hammer and a lot more. Meticulous decisions needs to apply specially when joining. They must possess special skills and ability to complete a project. These and more are the reasons why carpenters have to be equipped before they will accept assignments in any post.

Preparation as a carpenter begins as early as preschool. From the simple arithmetic that they learned from their teachers to the basic algebra in high school days, these contributed on the knowledge of simple computing done in the carpentry. Also there are seminars, on the job trainings, apprenticeships that made a carpenter skilled in his field. There are also universities that offer carpentry courses. There are construction firms which offer special programs for their carpenters and those who want to become one.

An examination was given as a screening process. When passed that’s the time they will be allowed to join the program. The duration may take from 1 to 4 years depending on the student’s skills and ability to learn. Carpenter varies on skills, talents and experiences. Companies sometimes use them to gauge a particular carpenter unto what assignment should be given to them, the amount of salary and the range of responsibility. The more complex the jobs, the higher level of skill are required.

Age and experience in this field value so much just like in most kind of jobs. The older you get the higher respect you gain from clients. Your preparedness and the ability to complete the job will determine your future in the world of carpentry.

Carpentry, Its Aspect and Artistry


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1284421 933686161 Carpentry, Its Aspect and ArtistryWhen I was a child, my parents decided to have our house renovated. From being a simple bungalow they want to move our rooms to the second floor thus the need for a two storey house was at hand. They asked for the help of a professional architect to have our house designed, Oh I didn’t mention that they want our house to be a wooden one because it’s more relaxing. After they were satisfied with the house design, they bought the materials needed for construction like woods, nails, plywood and other materials needed for the house to be built. But before that I was having some thoughts that we can buy a readymade house and just put it in place of the old one. Like when we buy shoes or even clothes.  The moment I saw the materials, I was wondering how come that those pieces would be our house? I was dismayed. I can’t help it so I asked my dad about it. He laughed because of my innocence and the simplicity of my mind. He told me that we will call a carpenter. A what? A carpenter, what is that? We don’t have a car, so why do we need a carpenter (car-painter)?

He explained to me what a carpenter is; he told me every detail of it like they’re the ones who will put all those stuffs (woods, roof etc.) together and build our house. I was amazed and since that day I got this unexplainable admiration regarding them. I’ve been observing them while they were doing their works. I noticed several attributes from them for a short period of time. Here’s a short list:

-          Artistry – you’ve got to be an artist to be a carpenter. You’ve got to know the basics of lines, curves, shapes and then the deeper part of styling and design.

-          Patience – of course even an experienced carpenter may not get the right design or measurement at once. If things like that happen, he must need to repeat it all over again.

-          Passion – these are the very core of everything we do.  A carpenter must have the passion and love of art to be an effective one. He must have the love on the things that he do, so that the creative genius will come out of him.

That was just a short list of my observation, but there’s more to it. There’s more to being a carpenter rather than just putting together the pieces of woods to create something. It’s about the desire to come out with something useable.

The Carpentry Industry


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284769 90310 The Carpentry IndustryThe carpenter is the critical element needed for construction. Over time, the scope of the carpenter’s work changed. As the materials for commercial buildings switched to primarily concrete and steel, the demand for carpenters shifted to the framework for houses and commercial structures and to residential remodeling.

Carpenters specialize in the working and constructing of wooden and similar materials on a range of projects, with their project suitability spanning across major construction projects to home renovations and everywhere in-between.

They are highly requested from corporate construction projects such as office or public buildings to residential projects or small scale renovations, with the construction projects alone asking carpenters to perform jobs ranging from the framework to the roofing to flooring.

The sheer range of carpentry projects that are available has resulted in several branches of carpenters within the industry.

Types of carpenters: There are five kinds of carpenter specializations, which include:

  • Rough carpenters: They are involved in the framing and roofing of structural building work.
  • Finish carpenters: They work with the end product of a large project such as roofing, decking, siding, interior trimming, remodeling, drywall detailing and difficult woodwork projects.
  • Cabinetmakers: These professionals make wooden cabinets and other home furniture.
  • Trim carpentry: Carpenters who specialize as trim carpenters make the trimmings of windows and ceilings and moldings.
  • Ship carpentry: Shipbuilding and other related projects is the stuff of the jobs of these carpenters.

Skills required

A good carpenter requires the following skills:

  • Good eye-hand coordination
  • Manual agility
  • Physical fitness
  • Sense of balance
  • Ability to solve math problems quickly
  • Record of military service

Carpenters learn their trade through both on-the-job training and formal education. Most employers recommend an apprenticeship, but the number of available programs, usually administered by local chapters of Associated Builders and Contractors.

As skilled workers become scarce and jobs become more demanding, the need for more training programs will increase. Computer and math skills in addition to special new skills, such as hazardous waste cleanup, will be in demand.

Carpenters made up one of the largest building trade groups in the United States and held approximately 1.3 million jobs in the late 2000s. Of the total number of carpenters, 32 percent were self-employed and 22 percent were employed by specialty trade contractors. Others worked in such sectors as manufacturing, government, and retail.

This industry relies heavily on the health of the economy and especially the success of the housing market, because their work consists mainly of building or renovating residential structures. As such this industry will continue to stay until every citizen dream of having a house exist.

How do I View Carpenters?


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1237117 400756561 How do I View Carpenters?I am always amazed seeing carpenters how they manipulate wood to come up with a beautiful craft that are even potential for commercial purposes. They always find way to make a raw material usable and fitting to the needs of clients. I see professional carpenters as great innovators and great designers. I even saw one carpenter in my friend’s house who was able to do a very simple yet elegant renovation. I spent most of my time observing every detail the carpenter was doing. There were even parts that I thought was impossible for him to fix, but after a few minutes of thinking, he was able to make some adjustments that resulted to an excellent outcome.

Carpentry is a combination of gift and skill. Carpenters have unique artistic skills which are applied with flexibility to meet present and specific needs. They are not bound with sort of technicalities. Though there are many kinds or category of carpentry, they all possessed the artistic skill.   That is why professional carpenters are fitted to do all sorts of renovations such as, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, building renovation, etc.  I have also seen professional carpenters who are expert on furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets and the like.

I also believe that professional carpenter are always ready to adjust and do the request of a client even the nasty ones, able to meet the demands and expectations of clients. Hence, professional carpenters have taken time of training and experience to develop towards the level of an EXPERT. A professional carpenter is able to overcome many challenges that put his skill to the test. Clients differ in their tastes and choices. There are those that are hard to meet their demands. Some keep on changing their mind on what design to follow. Some also are so demanding wanting to get even on their payments. These things can be handled by full blown professional carpenter.

It is also true that a professional carpenter does not only develop skills in his field but also how to build a healthy working relationship with clients. The ability to build relationships draws the line between the professionals in demand and those who do not. Those carpenters who know how to relate well can build a long term relationship with clients. A professional carpenter also is the one who can keep promises, meet deadlines and able to help clients meet also their schedules. Professional carpenters who have these qualities can get more clients because of referrals. Therefore, as a professional carpenter, building working relationship should be on their priority.

Versatility is the key


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1284421 933686161 Versatility is the keyThe Carpentry industry requires skilled craftsmen or craftswomen. A skilled carpenter usually has a wide range of knowledge through a mixture of theory and practical training. Like any other type of career, time and experience will increase your skills.

Carpentry jobs vary and may involve manual labor as well as working both outdoors and indoors. Few carpenters are as versatile as contractors. Since jobs may vary from handling wood to metal, a skilled carpenter should be well equipped with different knowledge in building a home.
The industry of carpentry is very competitive and anything that you can do to help you boost your chances of getting an experience will certainly be a huge help in your career.

There should be plenty of job openings for carpenters in the future. Thousands of jobs will become available each year because the occupation is so large, meaning that many people are always entering and leaving the occupation.

Construction jobs will increase as people want new houses and firms want to make old buildings new again. However, carpenters are using more materials that allow them to work faster.

New and improved tools make the job of a carpenter easier. Carpenters with the latest equipment and all-around skills tend to have more work opportunities.

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in framing, carpentry, and finishing work. The carpentry work performed includes new work, additions, alterations, and maintenance and repairs. Activities performed by establishments in this industry range from the installation of doors and windows to paneling, steel framing work and ship joinery.

The changing world and environment is a serious challenge in life. As times change, people move on, the theory of survival of the fittest prevails in every career. You need to be more versatile and flexible to stand out of the group and succeed in life. This makes you both physically and mentally strong thus strengthening your personality as an individual

In the field of carpentry one must learn every aspect of the industry in order for projects to flow and for him to stay in the battlefield for a lifetime.

How to build a Child- Friendly Shed


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963329 bygone era 1 How to build a Child  Friendly ShedA shed is a very useful place to keep tools, explore a hobby or simply to spend some quality time by yourself. But let’s be honest. Once the kids come, you can be sure that no matter how many times you tell them to stay out of your shed, they will find reasons to explore when you aren’t around. Children are curious by nature and their little adventures may not always have a nice ending. So how can you ensure that your little ones stay safe in your shed? The best way to do that of course is by child proofing your shed and making sure that there’s no room for freak accidents.

Before you actually build a shed, you need to consider the reason for having one in the first place. Many people prefer to keep bigger equipment or tools in a shed whereas other home owners find the space that a shed offers great for storing unwanted household clutter. It makes sense to build a shed that has enough space for you to use later. A shed that does not last you for years and which is made from poor construction materials is a huge hazard in itself. Although it may be a considerable investment, ensure that you buy only top quality construction materials or you will have to shell out money for wear and tear repairs later. Many home owners forget to pay attention to building a weather resistant roof for the shed. A poorly made roof which cannot handle different weather conditions in your locality, will be the first to suffer leaks, cracks and other damages. A well constructed shed is the first important step towards making the whole structure accident proof.

Have good lighting fixtures in your shed which brighten up the rooms nicely. A well lit shed enables a child to see better and reduces the risk of accidents. Ensure that the bulbs and other similar fittings are placed at a height which is not too high or low, but in such a way so that the child cannot reach it. If you have any tools or breakable items in your shed, always keep them locked away in a cabinet or in a box which is tamper proof.  You could also keep any sharp tools locked away in a glass cabinet if you prefer. This helps to reduce the impact of air moisture on the tools and ensures that a child will not suffer injuries playing with them either. Avoid keeping any flammable materials, liquids or other hazardous materials in your shed as these could be really dangerous in the hands of a child. Ensure that the shed has easy access to a water pipe in case of a fire and keep your shed locked when not in use. Talking to your child about the possible of dangers of playing in the shed unsupervised is also a must as a parent.

Precautions to Take When Using Wood Turning Chisels


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Carpenters work with a variety of materials and tools as part of their trade. One such tool which is crucial for cutting wood is called the wood turning chisel, which cuts the wood as it spins on the lathe. Taking care of this tool is important as the chisel experiences plenty of wear and tear when in use. It is important to stay safe and take necessary precautions when working with wood turning chisels, as there is potential for both major and minor injuries if proper care is not taken-

  1. Reading the instruction manual is one of the first things that you should do before commencing work with the wood turning chisel.
  2. Wear safety glasses while working with the chisel as shards of wood or other debris can come flying at you at any moment. Protecting your eyes is not just important to prevent further damage, but should be your first priority. Consider purchasing at least 2 pairs of safety glasses with impact resistant lenses and side protection, which fit you comfortably.
  3. When you are wood turning, it is best to wear a face shield which will give your face complete protection. This enables you to not only focus on your work but you also don’t need to worry about getting hurt by any flying debris.
  4. Don’t wear your best clothes when working with wood. Instead, opt for a long sleeved shirt and full denim trousers or an overall which will protect you completely. The idea is to protect any part of your body from unwanted injuries, while staying comfortable at the same time.
  5. The best place to work with a wood turning chisel is out in the sun, in your backyard or in any open space. Avoid working indoors or in a cramped room with too many things. While working with wood, it’s important to have enough space to do the work properly. Besides, you can bet that whichever spot you work in will get dirty and covered with wood chips as well, so choose a place that’s easy for you to clean later.
  6. Use the accompanying tool rest properly and ensure that it is kept securely in place at all times. While working with the chisel, remember that you would also need to adjust the speed of the tool before turning it on, depending on the thickness of the stock you are working with.